Castle Farm Beef

October 05, 2021 2 min read

Castle Farm has reared beef cattle for over 50 years. 

The calves are bred and reared on farms in the South East and spend their early months suckling from their mothers. Our stockman selects the best to join our herd which is comprised of native and continental breeds including Sussex, Lincoln Red and Aberdeen Angus.

Cattle at castle farm

For the next two years they spend their summers at Castle Farm, grazing the lush meadows and steep pastures of the picturesque Darent Valley. In winter they are housed in comfort on straw bedding.

Award winning welfare

Our modern, award-winning ‘Roundhouse’ is purpose-built for high welfare. The circular shape ensures every animal has easy access to food, and the roof recycles rain for drinking water. In this stress-free environment, where our stockman can efficiently care for each individual animal, the cattle are relaxed and content.

Red Tractor Scheme

We are proud to showcase our commitment to sustainable and ethical agriculture through the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme, guaranteeing Castle Farm animal welfare and traceability. The Red Tractor Scheme sticker is awarded to farms who meet rigorous safety and welfare requirements for their animals. 

We take great pride in producing healthy, contented cattle in natural surroundings. Each animal is reared to prime condition under the watchful eye of our herdsman.

Buying our Beef

The best beef is selected for the shop and hung for two or three weeks to allow the meat to mature, tenderise and develop its full flavour and dark, rich colour. Our customers can buy with confidence!

It is vacuum-packed and frozen, ready to be sold as roasting joints, succulent steaks, tender braising, mince, sausages and juicy burgers direct from our freezers. The quality is not affected by freezing.

Cut to order

If you have specific requirements such as whole fillets, sirloin joints or rib-on-the-bone, please call us in advance to order - 01959 523219.

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