Castle Farm Apple Orchard - NOW FINISHED

September 06, 2021 3 min read

Pick Your Own Apples at Castle Farm


The Castle Farm Apple Orchards will be open for pick your own from mid September on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (10am-5pm) until picked out.

Visiting Castle Farm’s PYO Orchard during the Autumn months is a great activity for the whole family. Only 50 minutes’ drive from London, our family farm in Kent opens the pretty little orchard with some of the freshest, sweetest and juiciest apples - The Norfolk Royal - a heritage variety not found elsewhere!

Pretty Castle Farm Apple Orchards

2021 Apple Orchard Information

We have a dedicated car park next to the orchard, and it’s free to enter the orchard – just pay for what you pick. Norfolk Royal Apples PYO are £2.50/kilo and £2.95/kilo for ready picked.

Don’t forget to bring big bags with you, but we also have lovely canvas bags and baskets available to buy which are perfect for apple-picking! See below for a MAP of where our Apple Orchard is located.

Please remember;

- Bring your Apple Picking Etiquette... Twist, don't pull the apples from the tree, use two hand when picking

- Sorry, no Picnics

- Dogs on leads please

- No commercial photography (contact us if you would like private photography access)

- Please do not leave your car and go for a walk

Please note – the orchard will be closed in particularly bad weather, call 01959 523219 to check.

You do not need to book to visit the orchard, however we reserve the right to close entry at short notice if visitor numbers reach a threshold, and you will just need to wait for people to exit, before you enter.  

Sorry, no toilets are available. The closest toilets are the Lullingstone Visitor Centre next door. 

Please only pick apples that you intend to buy - do not leave apples on the ground from 'overfilled' baskets. 

Castle Farm Apple Orchard Location

There is a dedicated Car Park at the Orchard. Please do not leave your car at the Farm Shop and walk, as we need all the space here for shop customers. Thank you. 

Orchard parking Map 2021

About Our Apples

Few people have heard of the Norfolk Royal Apple and indeed, as far as we know, Castle Farm is the only commercial grower of this rare and beautiful variety. It is one of the few apple trees that will grow happily on the chalky soils of the North Downs.

PYO Castle Farm Apples

Ripening in early September, the apple is a distinctive bright red and develops a natural waxy skin as it matures. Sweet, juicy and full of flavour, it is best eaten fresh from the tree (or as early in the season as possible).

It has become known by many as the 'Disney Snow White Apple' due to its brilliant colour and shiny skin... and is way too good to be found in any supermarket!!!

Castle Farm Apples 

Family Apple Picking

Our Apple trees are perfect for kids to come and pick because they are low to the ground.... and easily reachable - but remember our Apple Picking Etiquette!! Always twist, don't pull the apples from the tree, otherwise other apples fall to the floor and are wasted. If your apple falls to the floor - it is still perfectly good - pick it up, and pop it in your basket. Plus - only pick what you are going to pay for. Do not pick apples and leave them on the ground. 

Apple picking at Castle Farm

We look forward to welcoming you to our Castle Farm Apple Orchard this year. 

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