Lavender vs. Lavandin - What is the difference?

January 02, 2021 2 min read

Many people are familiar with the relaxing, calming and delicate scent of Lavender, but fewer are aware of Lavandin.

Lavandin is still part of the ‘Lavandula family’, but is a naturally occurring hybrid plant. Unlike Lavender, it contains natural camphor making it a stimulant. Although not useful for relaxation, the natural camphor makes it fantastic at repelling moths and insects, as well as providing a stronger and longer lasting scent around the house.

Lavender vs Lavandin plants - how to tell the difference

Lavandin has a notably stronger scent, but you can also notice the difference in the shape of the plant. Lavandin has longer stems. The flowers are more of a lilac colour and the shape of the flowers are longer, coming to a narrow point at the end. One other key difference with Lavandin - there is often three flower heads per stem of Lavandin. 

Lavender however, is a more compact plant with shorter stems. The flowers are a darker, vibrant purple, and there is only ever one flowerhead per stem


Lavender vs Lavandin - how do the bunches look different?

Lavender always flowers earlier in the season - and hence we start cutting our Lavender for fresh bunches at the end of June, through until early July.

Lavandin, is the latest variety to flower on Castle Farm, so bunches are only available from mid July - late July (seasonal weather dependent of course!). Lavandin bunches have naturally longer stems. 


Lavender vs Lavandin - how are they different when dried?

When Lavender bunches dry, the colour becomes a beautiful purple with a blue-ish tint, making it perfect for decorative purposes. We choose to dry a specific variety called Folgate which holds it colour particularly well - we also snap dry the hand-cut bunches in our hot air kilns to preserve the colour and shape of the dried Lavender bunches in prime condition. 

Lavandin is an excellent choice when making 'Lavender Bags' as the Dried Lavandin Heads have a strong scent and can be used to scent linen in drawers. 


Lavender vs Lavandin - how to use their essential oils

As well known, Lavender Oil is fantastic for its sleep and relaxation benefits. It’s calming and delicate scent makes it ideal for aromatherapy and sleep related purposes. Burn in a diffuser before bed, use to help skin healing (minor burns and insect bites), and massage. 

Due to its fresher, invigorating scent and natural camphor, Lavandin Oil is fantastic at repelling moths and insects, as well as providing a stronger and longer lasting scent around the house. Pop a few drops on a Lavandin Bag in your wardrobe, burn in a candle if eating outside to keep mosquitoes at bay! 


We hope you are now up to speed on the differences between Lavender and Lavandin... you can shop our products online! 


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