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April 20, 2021 2 min read

This year you can buy our two favourite Lavender Plant varieties online to enjoy in your garden (Lavender ‘Folgate’ and Lavandin ‘Grosso’). These two varieties are Castle Farm approved, hand-chosen by us, and are the plants you can see growing across our Lavender fields in the Darent Valley!

Collect plants from the farm shop, or order online to secure a plant delivery

Order Lavender Plants for the Garden here. 

Order Lavandin Plants for the Garden here. 

All our Lavender plants are;

  • English-grown to avoid the risk of imported plant viruses
  • Castle Farm approved varieties, with excellent flowering colour and scent
  • Well established in a 1 litre pot
  • Great for attracting bees and butterflies, drying and using as a culinary herb or drying for craft purposes.
  • Are provided with full planting, growing and pruning information sheets

The two varieties available this season are:-

Lavender - Folgate


Lavender: Lavandula angustifolia – generally a compact plant with a mass of thin stems and blunt-topped flowerheads. Beautiful scent; the oil is prized for oil production for perfumery, pharmaceuticals and toiletries. Flowers from late June. Hardy in winter. Culinary herb use – it has a sweet, soft flavour for desserts and drinks.

  • ‘Folgate’– a beautiful rich blue, early-flowering, strong-scented variety, perfect for drying. The oil has raised antiseptic properties. Excellent as a hedging plant. Castle Farm grows ‘Folgate’ for its superb colour in the field where we have our famous Lavender Bench. Excellent for hedging and summer colour, and more scented than the well-known ‘Hidcote’ variety.

Lavandin - Grosso


Lavandin: Lavandula x intermedia – a sterile hybrid of Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia. Taller-growing than Lavandula angustifolia with sturdy, branched stems and lance-shaped flower-heads. Flowers mid-July to August. Hardy in winter. Culinary herb use – excellent with roast vegetables and savoury summer flans.

  • ‘Grosso’– a tall variety with mid-purple flowers, grown commercially for  use in lavender bags and for oil production because of its high yield and long-lasting scent (used in household fragrances, candles, soaps etc.).  This plant will give great impact in the garden, and grows well in a large pot.

 How to order Lavender plants

 Order Lavender plants online via the links below. They are sent out nationwide in our specially design cardboard boxes, wrapped in gift paper and sent out as a minimum of 4. 

Lavender Plants

Lavandin Plants

Collect from the Castle Farm. We have a wider selection of Lavender Plants available from The Hop Shop at Castle Farm.  Enjoy browsing the selection and purchase on site! 

Care instructions will also be included with your Lavender Plant purchase! Buy with confidence from the largest Lavender farm in the UK! 

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