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    Our Natural Sleep Remedy – Sleepy Scent

    May 03, 2020 2 min read

    This 100% natural little bottle of wonder – Sleepy Scent – has been developed over time on our family farm in Kent to help encourage a restful and relaxing nights’ sleep.

    But how did it all come about – and how does it work?


    Read old books on herbal remedies and you will always find reference to both hops and lavender being good for sleep – and for many years our customers have been asking us for hop flowers to make sleep pillows and lavender oils to aid relaxation.

    It was therefore a logical step for us to combine the soporific and therapeutic qualities of hops and lavender into a unique natural sleep remedy – Sleepy Scent. This was then expanded to include a Pillow Spray, Sleepy Balm, Sleepy Tea and a Sleep Pillow – all for people who don’t want to take conventional sleeping pills.

    Along with nutrition, good sleep is one of the pillars of health… it is so important to get a restful night, so that your body and brain can function with upmost efficiency the next day.

    A recent report – The Business of Health 2020 – cited that more than half (56%) of office workers don’t think they get enough sleep and that job stress is the top cause behind employees’ sleepless nights, with more than a third (34%) stating that stress stops them from getting enough sleep. Technology is also to blame for keeping us awake at night, with one in four saying that using laptops, phones or tablets in bed prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep.

    Sleep is the body’s natural restorative answer to maintaining balance for the mind and body.

    So.. how do you use Sleepy Scent as a natural sleep remedy?

    Sleepy Scent is a subtle and totally calming scent using four essential oils. It is very concentrated so you only need a few drops on a handkerchief next to your pillow at night. Keep it on a bedside table and take it with you when travelling (especially on overnight flights).

    Alternatively, you can use it in an Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser, an Oil Burnerbefore bed (don’t leave it on overnight!), or our handy Sleepy Scent Pillow Spray.  You can also combine with our Sleepy Balm, which can be gently massaged into pressure points before sleep.


    All-natural Sleepy Scent is a great alternative to sleeping pills. It acknowledges folk-lore and herbal traditions dating back for centuries which advocate the use of  hop pillows to cure insomnia, but also leans on more recent scientific evidence which has proved that Lavender calms the nervous system, thus reducing stress, inducing relaxation and improving sleep quality.

    In particular, feedback from Sleepy Scent users seems to suggest that it increases the speed of going to sleep and encourages deeper, longer periods of sleep in people suffering from sleep disorders.


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