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    Lavender Oil – antiseptic & antiviral through history

    June 07, 2020 2 min read

    Lavender has been heralded for centuries as the ‘Mother of all Essential Oils‘ due to its reported antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    Grown and used for centuries and used as a traditional herbal medicine to ward off germs and encourage healing, there is mention of Lavender being used as far back as the ancient Egyptians, for mummification and perfume.

    Romans used lavender oils for bathing and scenting the air and carried it with them throughout the Roman Empire! The name “Lavender” is derived from the Latin verb lavare—which means, “to wash”…. time to get your Lavender soaps everyone!

    Elizabeth I was even recorded as carrying ‘posies of Lavender’ and having the flowers scattered before her to protect her from the smell and infections of the plague.. and Queen Victoria boosted the popularity of the herb when she decreed it should be strewn around her palace floors.


    So how can we use Lavender Oil today?

    A truly magical plant, our Castle Farm Lavender has a sweet, gentle fragrance and is therapeutic in nature.

    We have been burning our pure Lavender Oil in the shop and our homes to cleanse the air and ward off germs.. (whilst also making the rooms smell lovely!). The volatile oils of Lavender are reputedly beneficial in controlling airborne bacteria.

    A new range of lovely Ceramic Essential Oil Burners are now available online – only £8.95… or you can order one of our beautiful Porcelain Steam Oil Diffusers by Santaio Natralis – just add 5 drops of oil into the water canister.It utilises ultrasonic technology to produce a fine cool fragrant mist which alleviates dry air. It also includes an optional warm light for creating a peaceful ambiance.

    To help fragrance your washing – we also recommend that you add a drop or two of Lavender Essential Oil to your detergent drawer… or you can use our wonderful Lavender Linen Water direct into your iron (dilute with plenty of water).


    Our Lavender Soaps all contain pure Castle Farm Lavender essential oil… and are made in small batches. The cold pressed soap blocks are triple milled, vegan friendly, cruelty free, paraben and sulphate free.

    Our lovely Lavender & Bergamot liquid hand wash is made with natural ingredients, and  will leave your hands clean, and smelling wonderful… you’ll be counting down the minutes to your next washing session! ⁠The hand wash is sulphate free⁠, paraben free⁠, vegan friendly⁠ and comes in a recyclable bottle⁠.

    Don’t let your hands dry out… keep this Lavender Hand Cream nearby. It is deeply moisturising.. and enhanced with our Castle Farm Lavender essential oil’s natural antiseptic, anti-viral properties.

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