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    Castle Farm Pumpkins & Squashes - NOW SOLD OUT

    September 07, 2020 1 min read

    At Castle Farm in Kent, we have a beautiful pumpkin patch where we grow a variety of Pumpkins and Squashes. We cut all the pumpkins by hand, and bring them outside the shop for you to be able to choose your perfect pumpkin for cooking, or just for decoration.  

    The kids love being able to pick and choose from the big trailer-loads (and there are no muddy field boots for you to contend with afterwards too)!

    Our home-grown pumpkins come in a range of shapes and sizes from the tasty little ‘rolet’ that can be baked whole, to the versatile butternut squash, the smooth grey-skinned ‘Crown Prince’, the stripey ‘Harlequin’, mini little ‘Gold Dust’ and the traditional orange Hallowe’en varieties for carving.

    Seasonal availability: September to November/December depending on variety.

    Come and visit us! The Hop Shop is open six days a week throughout the year. Tuesday – Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-5pm, closed on Mondays. 

    To store: Keep in a cool, dry place for up to 1 month.


    *UPDATE* - We are now sold out of all but our delicious spaghetti squashes!

    Current pumpkin varieties in season and available include;

    - Crown Prince ( a favourite for making smooth soup)

    - Sweet Lightening

    - Harlequin

    - Rolet / Gem Squash

    - Onion Squash


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    Farm Shop temporarily closed
    Farm Shop temporarily closed
    Our online shop remains open! Shop online for speedy despatch.
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