WHITE Free Range Turkey CROWN - Paid In Full

White Turkey Crown for collection 22nd or 23rd December only. 

Please see our full range of Christmas and Winter Meats. Items not available on our website can be ordered by telephoning The Hop Shop or visiting in person Tuesday - Sunday.

All free-range, reared and processed by dedicated farmer John Howe in Tenterden.  John provides the very best in animal welfare and this is reflected in the quality of the meat. In daylight the turkeys roam grassy fields, play in dust baths and perch on straw bales, branches and fences. At night they return to the deep straw beds of their barns for warmth and protection.

A turkey crown is a whole bird without the legs and wings. All crowns come boxed ready for the oven with giblets, recipe leaflet, cooking guide and pop-up timer.

 Size Guide

 6 - 8 people          3.0 kg
10 -12 people        4.0 kg
12 -14 people        5.0 kg
16 -18 people        6.0 kg
18 - 20 people       7.0 kg

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