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    How to make the perfect Gift Hamper

    November 23, 2020 2 min read

    How to make the best Gift Hamper!

    There is only one thing better than receiving a Gift Hamper under the Christmas Tree…. and that is MAKING ONE! It’s like being a kid in a sweet shop, choosing all the contents and customising the perfect gift….

    It sings love and thought… plus the best thing is that it can be completely tailored to budget, likes and use.

    So here is Castle Farm's guide to putting together the best personalised Gift Hamper… come and visit us, to choose from a foodie selection, or lovely relaxing bath treats, and make someone smile this festive season. 

    If you can't make it down to the farm, you can do the same online, and curate your own Hamper contents through our online shop. Just choose your contents and add our 'SEND AD A HAMER' product to your basket (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT), or choose one of our pre-made hamper gift boxes. 

    1. The Basket Matters!

    Choose a basket / container which can be re-used – for example, a picnic hamper, or a simple wicker basket which can be used to hold hand towels in a guest bathroom once all the contents are unpacked.

    2. Choose your budget

    It’s easy to get carried away, but think of a budget and stick to it – you could make up lovely hamper contents for as little as £10, or go all out to spoil someone special.


    3. Choose a theme

    Hampers aren’t all about marmalade and shortbread. You can put anything in your hamper! The only important thing is to make sure the contents are personal and appropriate for the recipient.

    You could choose a Sleep themed hamper, for someone you know who needs to relax (complete with Sleepy TeaSleepy Balm and an eye mask), or maybe a kid’s hamper with mini chocolate santas, colouring books, and a soft toy.


    4. Go Wild!

    Now the fun begins…. walk round choosing items you know will be well-received under the Christmas Tree!

    5. Arrange Your Items

    Have a think about how you want your gift to look… place taller items at the back, and small items at the front and make sure the weight is balanced and they’re snugly packed so they don’t move… Make sure you’ve taken off any prices at the back!


    6. Little Touches

    It’s nice to include something festive, like a little Christmas ornament or tree decoration

    7. Gift Wrap

    You can wrap at home, or pass to us in the shop and we can gift wrap for £2 with cellophane, raffia, and paper filling to prop up all your items and show them off to their best!

    8. Pop Under the Tree!

    .. and make someone super happy on Christmas Day!

    If you want us to do the choosing for you you... just one of our beautiful Gift Hampers online… our two most popular choices are below! The Lavender Pamper Hamper and The Lavender Relax Box


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